Review : Kyoto Nijo Kyonoyuki Recovery Gel Cream

Product Description
Recovery Gel Cream has incredible moisturizing properties with blend of 27 natural plant ingredients as well as okra extract, pearl, and algae extract. Lavender oil adds a comforting scent to this moisturizer

As the last step in the sampler set, Kyoto Nijo Kyonoyuki Recovery Gel Cream acts as a 2-in-1 lotion and moisturising cream. The consistency is really lovely - lightweight, gentle, soft and smooth. It applies effortlessly on skin and spreads like a dream on damp skin. 

My skin looks fairer and more even-toned. On optimal skincare days, Kyoto Nijo Kyonoyuki Recovery Gel Cream works very well, to improve and maintain the skin condition. If your skin just needs a light moisturiser, this gel cream would be good for you.

If I used the Gel Cream twice a day ( day and night ), it really does deliver its promises but if I only used it once a day, I feel that the hydration ability is insufficient for my dehydrated skin. 

Get the large tub if you can, and let me know if it works well for you.

Review : Kyoto Nijo Kyonoyuki Massage Cream

Product Description
Give yourself a facial treat with this massage cream! Made with blend of 27 natural plant ingredients, Iso salt, honey, algae extract, and natural clay. The salt removes any dead skin leaving the skin soft and firm. The minty scent is a nice touch giving much appreciated relaxation.

Kyoto Nijo Kyonoyuki Massage Cream is said to be Kyonoyuki's first product and remains as their bestseller. Any bestseller is worth a try for me, after all, there must be a reason why it is a bestseller, right? 

Review : Kyoto Njio Kyonoyuki Natural Soap Bar

Product Description
This is a gentle yet effective soap bar infused with herbs to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and de-toxify. It features a soft and foaming lather that dissolves dirt, excess oil and other impurities while leaving the skin soft and supple. The herbal extract comes together to hydrate, balance and nourish the skin. Honey, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and soybean seed extract promote firmness and elasticity, and binds moisture to the skin to leave skin looking bright, clean and refreshed

I was happy to lay my hands on Kyoto Njio Kyonoyuki Sampler Set earlier this year, which includes the cleansing oil, natural soap bar, massage gel and the recovery gel cream. However, I don't really fancy the natural soap bar as soap bar never really works for my skin type . Still, I hope this one would be different. 

Dark green in colour, the round Kyonoyuki Natural Soap Bar has a herbal scent and creates foam once in contact with water. However, since the first usage, the cleansing has left my skin feeling stripped of moisture which is typical of most soap bars on my face. The sides along my nose turned red and warm for the rest of the night. 

I only used it twice and 2 times are enough to tell me, this soap is just not suitable for my skin type. You can check out the ingredients here.

Source : Amabie, TheWonder

Review : Kyoto Njio Kyonoyuki Cleansing Oil

Product Description
Kyonoyuki (京乃雪 or Snow of Kyoto) is a premium organic skin care brand from Kyoto. Its Cleansing Oil is made from 27 natural herbs and 8 vegetable oils, providing care and comfort to your skin and helping to maintain your skin’s pH balance. Containing plant oil and Vitamin E, Kyonoyuki Cleansing Oil is able to effectively yet gently remove all make-up, leaving the skin clean, hydrated, soft and moisturized. This is not only a great product for cleansing the skin but also helps to fight aging and keep your skin firm and young. Its refreshing lavender fragrance helps to relax the skin especially after a long day at work. 

I first came across the sampler set at Japan Skin which has since closed down. They consist of 4 products which are good sizes for 1 week usage.

How To Score Beauty Freebies In Singapore

I always feel that the best way to try out a beauty product, be it a skincare or make-up, is to read reviews and get samples before investing in the full size product. It takes time and effort and probably most would have do away with it, but you will benefit in the long run.

1) You don't waste your money, should the product deemed unsuitable.
2) You are saving the earth on its resources and packaging, should the product suits you well.
3) You don't waste time trying to sell it to someone else, if the product does not suit you.
4) You reduce the chances of bad reaction to products, if you have very sensitive skin and save time and money to see a dermatologist.

Note : Please check with the respective retailers first, before bringing the samples over, as their policy may change with time.

1) The Sample Store

Get samples from popular brands. A mixture of free and paid samples.

2) Preloot 

Get paid samples of the lesser known brands.

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