Review : Sasatinnie Swallow's Nest Camellia Rejuvenating Black Eye Mask

Product Description
Sasatinnie Swallow's Nest Camellia Rejuvenating Black Eye Mask will leave your eyes looking bright, shiny and refreshed with youthfulness. A specially formulated eye mask impregnanted with Swallow's Nest Essence, camellia extract, coffee arabica extract, ilex paraguariensis leaf extract, papain and citric acid, all of which are thoroughly absorbed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffines. It gives intense hydration to your delicate eye area which helps to smooth, detoxify and restore firmness and elasticity. Other fast absorbing properties include charcoal powder to gently lift impurities, balance oil and moisture levels and improve skin pigmentation and platinum to nourish the skin and give a more youthful complexion.

I always have eye masks in my arsenal where I reached out for them whenever my eyes are tired or in need of perk-me-up just before an event. How about you? How do you usually keep your eyes looking bright all the time?

The size of Sasatinnie Swallow's Nest Camellia Rejuvenating Black Eye Mask is generous, covering my undereye area like butterfly wings, from crow feet to cheeks area. The black material is thin, soft and comfortable where the cold sensation from the mask provides a good rest to the tired eyes.

However, I can't say that I have seen an improvement to my under eye area. Some users have commented that it works for them, but unfortunately not for me.

Have you tried it before? Does it work for you? Or do you have a favourite eye mask to recommend? Tell me in the comments below. I will love to hear from you.

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