Review : Method Moisturising Body Wash, Surfside

Method Moisturising Body Wash Review

Product Description
Just think of all the amazing stuff your body does for you, isn’t it time you to returned the favor? This body wash is packed with naturally derived moisturizers and infused with nourishing aloe to leave your skin soft, hydrated and beautifully clean. Lather on a little luxury and give your birthday suit the pampering it so richly deserves.

I chanced upon the Method Moisturising Body Wash, Surfside while shopping at Mahota, a one stop place which source responsibly organic and natural produce and products. It costs about $10 for a 532ml size. 

Made in USA, Method is mainly known for their cleaning products but has now branched out to body wash products. It is my first foray into this brand. 

Surfside is a fragrance that is said to remind one about the beach. Personally, I do feel that the fragrance is pretty good but it doesn't really remind me of the sea. I also like the size and the reasonable pricing. 

Method Moisturising Body Wash lathers pretty well, with its thick creamy texture. Usually, shower cream body wash with that thick creamy texture tends to dry out my skin but thankfully I did not experience that with this moisturising body wash.  

While I can't say that it has made my skin softer and smoother, it does make my skin cleaner with a subtle lingering scent after a pleasant bath. 

Method Moisturising Body Wash does not contain parabens, phthalates or EDTA and makes a great gift for your friends who are into natural products. The list of ingredients is as described here

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