Haircut + Colour at Hair Inn, Nex

Salon : Hair Inn
Location : #03-33, Nex S(556083)
Tel : 66348027 / 66348037
Stylist : J-F ( on name card, but he introduces himself as Jeff )

I wanted to perm my hair but was told that my hair length is not long enough for big curls and advised me against perming. Hence I went for 2 tone colouring instead.

This was my first time stepping into Hair Inn @ Nex, and if you have been to Nex Shopping Mall, you will realize that this salon is one of the busiest salons among the dozens of salons in the mall.

Barely 2 months into his job, Jeff strikes me as a quiet and cool guy with much professionalism and seriousness in his job. He wasn't clear about the prices but took effort to check it out and let me know. He don't smile often and is very focused on what he's doing to my tresses. He don't waste time laughing and chatting with others, he also made an effort not to let customers wait. That is what I really appreciate from stylists. Many stylists tend to let you wait in your seat as they tend to other customers but Jeff grasps his time correctly.

I spent 3 hours in the salon for cutting, colouring and treatment. And during the duration spent in the salon, there were many regulars streaming in. Tea was served without asking about your preference and was promptly changed when it turned cold.

I asked for highlights but was recommended for 2 tone colouring where there is a darker base colour and a lighter copper colour which is too red for my taste. As usual, stylists like to include reds to complement my fair skin. The copper is slightly redder than what I prefer but it certainly looks darker on the catalogue and its my chosen colour between 2 colours recommended by Jeff.

Jeff is a dog-lover and has 5 dogs! (gasps). So if you are a dog-lover, you will have tons to chat with him. lol.

Both the colouring and the hair treatment are by Shiseido. The recommended hair treatment suitable for my tresses is Shiseido C.P.R 2 Step Treatment. Jack also made an effort to explain to me on the hair treatment steps.

Shiseido intensive 2 Step treatment
For severely dry/damaged hair. C.P.R. is an intensive two-step in salon restorative treatment that repairs the cuticle porosity deficiencies by replenishing vital nutrients that have been depleted from hair. Fortifies, moisturizes and protects hair. Formulated with Keratin, Silk Amino Acids and Bio-Structurer© to penetrate damaged cuticle layers to repair, smooth and seal for lasting protection that preserves moisture and shine.

After the hair colouring job, my hair feels silky soft and smooth. Well, lets see how long it can lasts.

Damage :
Cut + 2 Tone Colouring : $162
Treatment : $79
Total : $241

I purchased a package for $300, upon Jeff's recommendation since I have already spent $241. The $300 package entitles one to $350 worth of services, excluding product purchases so technically, I have an additional $109 for my next hair service.


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