Review : Silky Girl Cosmetics Magic BB Cream

Product Description
Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one product that acts as a moisturizer, makeup base, concealer and foundation that comes with sun protection and lightening properties. Contains Hyaluronic Acid to prevent fine lines and Vitamin E Derivatives to fight against free radicals. With its Brightening Powder, skin will appear brighter through continuous use of the cream. The result – skin that looks like it’s been reborn. SPF 25 / PA++.

This Magic BB cream from Silky Girl cosmetics have been around since 2009 and I only got round to trying it recently, for the past 3 weeks.
Apparently, my mum bought it for her own use and I swipe off enough quantity for my 3 weeks usage in the morning as I love trying out new BB creams.

This SPF 25/PA++, oil-free and fragrance-free product comes in 2 shades and my mum got the 02 radiant shade. The colour, athough seems darker than what I usually used, is still able to match my skin tone.
Shade 01 inclines towards the yellowish category while shade 02 falls into the pinkish category so I would think that 02 is a more logical choice.

As shown on the pictures below, the shade 02 looks dark when I first dab it on the cotton bud but becomes pinkish after blending on my skin.

The texture is not exactly thin or fluid but just slightly thicker which made blending not that easy.
On my face, its not the easiest to blend in, its like there is an extra tinted layer on the skin. In fact, I did not think that it blend/sink into my skin that well. If my wet hands touched my face, it left some brownish flakes as though I have splashed some muddy water onto it.

Oil control isn't that impressive and my nose oiled up after about 3 to 4 hours especially obvious on my T-zone. It starts to look worse throughout the day. At the end of my work day which can be 12 hours later, the BB cream shows signs of oxidisation and my face looks darker. 

It has medium coverage since the consistency is thicker but I felt none of the hydrating benefits since its touted to have HA as one of its ingredients.
At $13.90 to $15.90, its pretty affordable at Watsons or Guardians but sadly, its a miss for me.

Source : Silkycosmetics

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