Review : Etude House Moistfull Peeling Wash

Product Description
Moistfull Peeling Wash is a facial peeling scrub that gently removes dull skin and facial excess while supplying hydrating moisture.

It eases off dehydrated and tensed skin thanks to the content of Baobab Extracts which contains antioxidants, an essential agent for protection against free radicals, maintenance of metabolic processes.

I received a sachet of this cleanser while asking a friend to get some Korea goodies for me and this is one of those complimentary gifts. I was quite hesitant in using this cleanser, as anything with the word "peel" is scary to me. It just reminds me of dehydrated and flaking skin.

Since I did have a pleasant encounter with Moistfull Sheet Mask , I decided to give this a chance.
1 sachet can last me for about 4 times of usage. And since it was in sachet form, there were no instructions at the back and so I did not realize that its supposed to be used on dry skin. I actually used it like a normal cleanser, after wetting my face.

For the first 2 times, I was wary in using too much as I was afraid that my skin may be dehydrated after using it. I rest between days and used it for the 2nd time. I did not massage hard enough for the first 2 times and hence I hardly feel anything on my face. I found it to be too mild and there is no much foam, so I cannot really feel anything after cleansing. In fact, I do not even feel that I have indeed cleanse my face.

The texture is a clear gel but I did not really fancy the scent.
On the 3rd and 4th times, I massaged for a longer time and tiny white balls came off my skin, which I believed are supposed to be dead cells. My skin immediately feels softer and smoother. Seriously. And I am not even using it on dry skin. I supposed the effect would be even better on dry skin though actually I do not fancy using a cleanser on dry skin, it just feels funny. Thankfully, it works well on wet skin, so I am pretty much alright with it.

The pores on my nose look slightly cleaner and my overall skin looked much brighter immediately after use.
However, the softening effects are only temporary. The next evening, I do find that my skin have turned back to its original not-so-smooth texture again.

Source : Etude House , Sasa

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